Due to a new change across the Litecoin ecosystem, the wallet you are using for Coindroids may be temporarily incompatible.

There is a new push in Litecoin to change script addresses so that instead of starting with a 3, they start with an M. This change will help differentiate Bitcoin script addresses with Litecoin script addresses, both of which currently start with 3, so there is certainly a good reason to do it.

With that being said, until this change is completed across all litecoin infrastructure (wallets, services, block explorers, etc), there will be incompatibility between clients. Not necessarily on the same scale as a consensus issue, but still problematic.


Original '3' Address Format Example

3 3J7PYDywoeETi5VTweCMshNuTGKz62P23k

New 'M' Address Format Example

MQKXr7Pukm5tWamN3XBhhLdJmxvS6iwsSc M

If you're curious to see which version your wallet supports, try to copy either address into the send feature, or attempted to scan the QR code. One will validate fine and the other will give an error. Careful not to send funds though!

Unfortunately for us, Coindroids uses only script based addresses (go multi-sig!!), which means that depending on your client, you may have troubles playing until we can get us, and the rest of the ecosystem, converted.

The good news is that no funds are in danger during this conversion, it is simply a cosmetic change. It will also mean that, once this entire conversion is complete, Litecoin script addresses will look unique when compared to Bitcoin script addresses.

Since our alpha launch 1 month ago, Coindroids accounted for 100% of all Litecoin transactions involving script (3/M) addresses.

Right now the original format ('3' addresses) is the most widely supported, so we will be sticking to that until the tides start to turn the other way. We are currently reaching out to everyone below to figure out an exact timeline.

Service/Product Type Prefix Note
LoafWallet Wallet M The latest version changed support to M addresses only. Backwards compatibility coming within days.
Litecoin Core Wallet 3 M address support, with backwards compatibility, coming in the v1.0.2 release
Exodus Wallet 3 Change is pending. No date of release.
Coinomi Wallet 3
Ciphrex mSigna Wallet 3 Change in the works
Electrum-LTC Wallet 3 Change pending, expects to support M and backwards compatibility. Potentially within days.
Litevault.net Wallet M Change completed 2017-04-22 to support M address format only. Thanks someguy!
pyCoin Library 3
Litecore.io Explorer M
Blockcypher Explorer 3
Litecoin.net Explorer 3 In the works. Will require a rescan and take a long time
Cryptoid.info Explorer 3

Table last updated 2017-04-24