Creating a Droid

Creating a Droid

This tutorial will walk you through the droid creation process from start to finish. Further information to help you get settled in Coindroids can be found in the Documentation and our Getting Started section.

Register an Account

Assuming you have tracked down an invite code, your first step is to register an account on Coindroids. Player accounts let you create one droid per available currency, which will be explained a bit later on. You'll use this account to log in whenever you access the site.

Player Signup

Usernames must be made up only of letters, numbers and underscores and cannot be longer than a handful of characters.

The terms you are agreeing to can be found at the bottom of the page.

Choose a Currency

Before creating your droid, you'll want to make sure you have chosen the correct currency realm that you want to play in

Currency Selection

The supported options currently include:

  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Defcoin (DFC)

Preparing your wallet

You'll need to have a wallet ready to go for the currency you have chosen, and you'll need to have some of that currency on hand.

We highly recommend that you have a separate wallet dedicated to playing Coindroids. This prevents Coindroids and your wallet from becoming unsynchronized during play, as well as improves your own overall crypto-privacy. Just be sure to backup any old wallets before you start changing your environment.

Supported Wallets

Litecoin Wallets

PC/Mac/Linux: Exodus, Litecoin Core
iOS: Loafwallet
Android: Coinomi

Defcoin Wallets

PC/Mac/Linux: Defcoin-QT
iOS: Beerwallet
Android: Coinomi

Choose your Training Chassis

Next is the fun part, choosing your own first droid chassis and giving them a name!

Droid Creation

There are three main training models, one for each class of Tank, Assault, and Scout. You'll notice that each one has slightly different stats, giving them each strengths and weaknesses based on their style of play.

Just like your username, the name of your droid must be made up only of letters, numbers and underscores and cannot be longer than a handful of characters.

Activate the Droid (a.k.a. Wallet Syncing)

Finally, it's time to activate your droid. The point of this step in the process is to sync up your droids control with your wallet. A successful activation will allow all subsequent actions you take from that wallet to be associated with your droid.

Click the pink link and send the funds from the wallet you prepared for Coindroids.

Activate Droid

And that's it! Once your activation transaction is confirmed in a block, you'll see your interface change to expose the Battlefield, Garage, and Ammo sections. You can now start pursuing the competition and battling your way to victorious coins.

Please Note: Transaction confirmation could take anywhere from seconds to minutes depending on several factors including currency type and network status. You can check your wallet so see if the activation transaction you sent has a confirmation count above zero.


Unregistered Play / Out of Sync Wallet

At some points, you may be trying to perform an action but the system just keeps reporting that an "Unregsitered" action has occurred. This likely means that your wallet and Coindroids is out of sync.

Actions taken by you that may lead to this problem occurring are generally one of two issues:

  • Not starting Coindroids with a fresh wallet
  • Non-Coindroids transactions from the same wallet

Unregistered Player

When this occurs, you will simply need to re-sync your wallet, or as we like to call it, your Ammo Clip.


Head over to the Ammo section, shown above, and click the Sync button. After sending another transaction from your wallet, the system should go back to tracking your ruthless and profitable killing sprees.