Introducing Coindroids (2017)

Introducing Coindroids (2017)

It's the year 20XX, long since the original accounting droid, the EconoDroid, had been created by the humans. The droids have since learned quite a bit from their once squishy overlords and now conduct war purely with money, specifically the blunt ample math based instrument that are cryptocurrencies. Droids themselves have continued to evolve and cherish the horrible lessons they learned from their human masters, forming a new class of droid, Coindroids. This droid army understands two important lessons: that money is power, and that power is best exerted by launching it at high velocities at the enemy.

Coindroids is a game like no other. It is completely skill-based, played with coins, and played for coins. Your actions are transactions, so you must choose them wisely. Your success will depend as much on your quick thinking as it will your methodical attention to detail throughout our ongoing story.

Your Droid

Each player has a droid which they choose and then work to build up. New body parts, unlocked by levelling up, will help withstand bigger attacks from your foes, and help you increase the efficiency of your attacks.

Droids also have some dynamic attributes which change over time, specifically your Cover, EMI, and your Focus. Cover is an environment variable that alters how well the Cover action will do to protect you, the EMI governs how likely a droid is to drop loot, and Focus changes how powerful your attack can be for that block. All of these variables can be calculated based on the previous block hash.

Earning Money

You can earn money in Coindroids in two ways, attacking and defending.

When you attack, if you are able to destroy a droid, you will win the contents of their purse. If you and another droid share in the destruction during the same block, that money is split between you.

Defending is not passively, there is no actual defence action, simply trying to stay alive as long as possible is the key here. The more blocks you stay alive, and the larger your droids purse is, the more funds that may come to you when you are attacked by others.

Always remember that everything in Coindroids is deterministic. There is no luck in this war, just calculated actions.

All payouts from the system occur only once the sum of your pending payouts has hit the payout threshold. This is to prevent spam transactions and save funds on transaction fees. The threshold for payouts in Litecoin is 0.055LTC


When attacking, you'll want to search for droids who are weak with low health and a nice high purse. The ultimate goal is to spend less on your attacks than you receive as purse payouts.

Every detail about your attack can be properly calculated. In the Attack Box, we provide some estimates and quick-choices, but ultimately you decide how to utilize your ammo clip each block. Attack a single droid with all your ammo, or try to snipe a couple kills across many.

Coindroids - Player Profile

Items & Upgrades

Your droid is an ever evolving cryptocurrency shooting killing machine. As you gain experience through your attacks and level up, you will be able to purchase items and customize them to be more stronger and drastically cooler.

Coindroids - Garage - Check out that great leg

The Coindroids universe is ever evolving but details on new items will not always be provided via simple announcement. Keep a close eye on our social feeds (Twitter, Facebook, and our web comic or your droid may miss out.

Comic 001

### Supported Coins and Wallets

We have the ability to support a number of currencies, however at the moment we are limiting it to Litecoin (LTC), Defcoin (DFC). Currently the largest active community is playing from the Litecoin network.

We have been developing Coindroids for the Bitcoin network since we began however, due to high transaction fees and block times, we have suspended Bitcoin Mainnet support for the time being.

Litecoin Wallets

PC/Mac/Linux: Exodus, Litecoin Core
iOS: Loafwallet
Android: Coinomi

Defcoin Wallets

PC/Mac/Linux: Defcoin-QT
iOS: Beerwallet
Android: Coinomi

Development Status

Coindroids is currently playable in an alpha state. Those interested in playing must locate an invite code prior to registration.

A full api is available for the technically advanced.

We also really care about security and try our best to follow the CCSS
If you find anything wrong, please let us know ❤️