"Purse" is now "Bounty"

"Purse" is now "Bounty"

We have finally identified better terminology for what we have historically referred to as a "Purse". We are now working towards changing all instances of "Purse" to be "Bounty" across the Coindroids universe.

So what is a droid's "Bounty"? The Bounty amount is what will be rewarded to those involved in the droids ultimate demise. As attacks are cast against a droid, this Bounty also increases.

A droid has *no* claim to their own Bounty.

This change seems really obvious now but we can't even take credit for it. Thank you to brimstone for their suggestion!

The word Purse, as it turns out, is all over the damn place. We'll be working to update all the backend engine, API, frontend, documentation and guides. Keep an eye here as we provide updates to our updates.

Section Status Note
Processing Engine In Progress Until this is done, some outcomes may still reference purse instead of bounty
API Complete droid.purse_current to remain until fully deprecated, droid.bounty attribute will be a mirror of this data.
Front-end In Progress Most mentions of Purse have been updated to Bounty. Some events may still use purse at this time.
Documentation Not Started
Guides Not Started

Last updated 2017-10-01