Infiltrating Imperial.One at DEFCON 26

Infiltrating Imperial.One at DEFCON 26

Only a year ago our hero West needed your help to infiltrate the Imperial One city and remove Count Zero from power. Everyone who tried to do their part did an incredible job of failing and the Count’s reign has continued.

Thanks to the Imperial One intrusion detection systems, the vulnerabilities that West provided have been patched up, which means you'll have to start from scratch and somehow still fail less this time. Those of us who were programmed to have faith will absolutely use that to incorrectly believe in you.


To celebrate our 5th year anniversary of cryptocurrency battles and puzzles, the Droid that is able to finally take down Count Zero will walk away with our most unique prize ever! We've been secretly creating a Coindroids card game, with all the fun and backstabbing that Coindroids is known for, and the first person to solve our adventure is taking home their own copy of the original prototype.

Coindroids TCG

Your Adventure Awaits at DC26

Your #HackerFam won't help you this time around, this is a solo mission now. Find your way into the city and take down Count Zero once and for all.

DEFCON 26 takes place August 9-12 in Las Vegas, NV.

Coindroids: The Card Game

If you're as excited about the card game as we are, stay tuned to our blog and social feeds to follow the development. We'll certainly have more to say on that in the near future.

The card game has already evolved since this iteration and we'll never print the original prototype again, meaning the winner will have a piece of Coindroids history, owning 1 of the 3 copies made.

Coindroids is a game like no other. It is completely skill-based, played with coins, and played for coins. Your actions are transactions, so you must choose them wisely. If you'd like to learn more, we suggest you check out Introducing Coindroids (2017).